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Chelsea FC 1:1 Blackburn Rovers – Match Report

March 21, 2010

Disappointment is an understatement. (Photo:

FT – Terrible week for #Chelsea. Even with a game at hand, they have to be worried about United sitting 4 ahead. [BLA 1:1 CHE]

FT – Lampard clearly dragged down in the box. It’s hard not be a conspiracy theorist when calls don’t come in crucial matches.

90′ + 2 – Sturridge comes on way too late for my liking. And now Blackburn are dallying to run out the clock.

80′ – Roman Abramovich has to be throwing chairs around in the luxury box right now. This is really a poor showing after Inter.

76′ – Chelsea need to play their game and build up patiently. There’s too much desperation here. They need to stay organized.

74′ – Lancashire crowd into it now. Ancelotti needs to make this Deco sub work.

70′ – Paulo Ferreira looked totally flat-footed on that Diouf goal. Piss poor marking. [BLA 1:1 CHE]

68′ – Kalou grounded just outside the box. Again, no call. We can’t buy free kicks right now.

64′ – Game getting chippier here as the rain falls harder. Anelka hits a creampuff on net. He’s really struggling to score.

60′ – Expected better from Malouda’s left there. He skies it way over the pipe.

58′ – Anelka ripped down by Samba, no foul. He wasn’t playing the ball at all though. At least a free kick necessary there.

55′ – Man alive! Drogba and Samba there were going the right way for a double concussion. Both seem okay though.

52′ – Strange to see Drogba and Kalou making clearances in the back. You can tell how important 3 points are here.

49′ – Lampard may not have the same pace he used to, but he sure does have a cannon for a right foot. Near miss there.

47′ – Zhirkov is johnny-on-the-spot far post there for The Blues. Good save on the header there in place of Turnbull.

HT – @laraleepalmer: half time. 1 – 0 #Chelsea. I sometimes wish they played to win by a mile – not just a win…Lackluster game to be honest. Full throttle pls.

HT – If the Prem comes down to a goal differential tie and Chelsea lose, they’ll be kicking themselves for performances like this.

HT – Plenty of chances, but only 1 goal. Ancelotti has to be hoping for a blowout second half. [BLA 0:1 CHE]

44′ – Diouf of Blackburn and Kalou having a fauxhawk duel in the corner here. Ivanovic subbing off, but walking on his own.

42′ – Ivanovic down on the pitch. Last thing we need is an injury on the back line.

40′ – Malouda looks lethal here, but still no second goal for The Blues.

38′ – Another casual header from Kalou. I think his fauxhawk is getting in the way.

37′ – Key corner here for The Blues.

31′ – The attendance here for Blackburn bolsters the idea that the Sounders can draw way more than a mid-table EPL team. #Sounders

28′ – I find it odd that Chelsea haven’t tried the left side much today. Especially with Malouda playing as well as he has of late.

26′ – Even when Blackburn have looked dangerous, they’ve scarcely been able to get the ball on frame.

21′ – Kalou looks sharp on the ball today. Anelka pissed away that sitter.

20′ – Turnbull looking more confident with every corner taken. Jumped up to get that one easily.

17′ – These dark blue kits are awful slimming for Fatty Frank Lampard.

14′ – With The Pensioners out to take heads offensively, Blackburn are going to find a lot in the transition game.

5′ – @stamfordthelion: Tidy side-footed finish from the Ivorian after Anelka did well in the build-up, perfect start for #Chelsea, who are playing well…

5′ – Drogba nets one 5 minutes in on a beautiful pass from Anelka. That didn’t take long. [BLA 0:1 CHE]

3′ – Drogba bends one wide. The Blues have come out firing – definitely a good sign.

2′ – Not sure if I like Turnbull at keeper, but he’s far better than Hilario.

1′ – Mikel put a nice through ball in, but the Blackburn keeper gets to it before Drogba.

PG – Ancelotti just looks confused on the sidelines these day. Deer in the headlights.

PG – Gonna live tweet the Chelsea v. Blackburn match. See how big the letdown is after they crashed out of the CL.

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